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Welcome to Office Support Services, Inc.

Located in the Heart of the Chicago Southland, Tinley Park

Thank you for your interest in Office Support Services, Inc. Our goal is to allow your business to operate in the most efficient, cost effective, and professional manner possible. We understand that the main factors business professionals deal with today are efficiency and bottom line profit. As a result, Office Support Services, Inc., strives to meet your needs and help provide solutions to time management and cost concerns. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with an environment that not only allows you to stay competitive in today's marketplace, but it also allows you the ability to proceed with the business of "doing business".

As a privately owned company we understand that your time is valuable, we can make instant decisions to accommodate your business needs. Our facility provides the flexibility that demonstrates to the modern business professional that it is possible to set up a fully staffed office in a minimal amount of time, and that he/she can have access to the latest state-of-the-art- equipment and techniques.

The programs that we offer vary in range and price, which allows our clients to vary their use of our services as their needs change. We invite you to join our group of business professionals and enjoy the many benefits of outstanding support services in a prestigious setting. A variety of identity packages offer you a custom fit.


For more information, please call (708) 633-6400, or send E-mail at
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